NIPPON REIT Investment Corporation

Securities code:3296


Basic Policy

Maximize Unitholder Value
by Making Full Use of the Characteristics as a Diversified REIT

NIPPON REIT Investment Corporation focuses on income growth and stability by making full use of the characteristics as a diversified REIT, and endeavors to maximize unitholder value through conducting dynamic and timely investments and acting in the best interests of unitholders.

Develop a Portfolio of Properties Focused on Income Growth and Stability

NIPPON REIT develops a portfolio of properties focused on income growth and stability, aiming to maximize unitholder value.

Develop a comprehensive portfolio of properties investing primarily in office buildings and secondarily in residential properties and retail facilities, in order to diversify risks by combining assets that have different return characteristics, while trying to secure a larger number of proper investment opportunities in consideration of the future trends of the Japanese economy and the real estate market

In developing the portfolio, endeavor to maximize unitholder value by making investments that are reckoned to be most appropriate in consideration of such factors as the investment characteristics of respective asset types, their market trends at each point of time and other external environments

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Sponsors’ Networks

NIPPON REIT takes advantages of the networks and knowledge of its sponsor companies to acquire investment assets continuously and maintain and enhance the value of the assets it has acquired, aiming to maximize unitholder value.

■Utilize the support systems of respective sponsor companies

■Utilize the support systems of respective sponsor companies

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Method for Aligning the Interests of Unitholders and NIPPON REIT to Maximize Unitholder Value and the Governance System

Method for aligning the interests of unitholders and NIPPON REIT
Management fee system linked to distribution per unit
Same-boat investment by the sponsors
Sojitz Corporation, the main sponsor, owns 15,500 of NIPPON REIT’s investment units
Governance system
(Decision—making process securing third-party monitoring function)
Veto power in effect is given to outside members over the resolutions at the Compliance Committee and Investment Committee
Transactions with interested parties require prior approval by the Board of Officers of NIPPON REIT

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