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At NIPPON REIT, it is believed that developing the communities where properties are located will enhance the value of its assets. As a responsible real estate owner, NIPPON REIT strives to engage in dialogue with local residents, to offer its land and facilities as venues for people to interact and to establish roots in the community.

Communication with Stakeholders

Sustainability Policy ⑤

NIPPON REIT will continue to contribute to building a sustainable society through business dialogues with investors, tenants, local communities and employees.

1. Investor Engagement

Sustainability Policy ⑤

NIPPON REIT prioritizes fair disclosure to all investors and conducts timely disclosure, including simultaneous Japanese/English press releases, as well as making its website user friendly.
NIPPON REIT pursues direct communication with a variety of investors. The latest IR activities are as follows.

IR Meetings and Investment Seminars (2020-2021)
Fiscal Period 16th FP 17th FP Total
August 2020 – January 2021 February 2021 – July 2021
Industrial Investors (Meeting)
80 85 165
Japan 51 58 109
Overseas 29 27 56
Individual Investors (Seminar)
No. of Events
No. of Events
No. of Events
0 0 0

2. Tenant Initiatives

2-1. Improving Tenant Satisfaction

■ 2-1-1. Conducting Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Sustainability Policy ⑤

Example 1: Renewed Restrooms (Pigeon Building)

NIPPON REIT conducts a questionnaire targeting tenants once a year. Based on the results of the questionnaire, issues related to the properties are identified and improvements are made with the aim of increasing the comfort levels of the properties and enhancing their competitive strengths. Through efforts to improve tenant satisfaction, NIPPON REIT seeks to foster successful tenant relationships and facilitate communication between tenants and lessors.


In the questionnaire targeting tenants, a request was made by a tenant, who is leasing an entire building, for the renovation of the washrooms to be undertaken to improve their environment. Prior to carrying out the washroom renovations, NIPPON REIT held numerous discussions regarding the design, etc. with the tenant from the planning phase to incorporate the tenant’s needs for the purpose of seeking to effectively improve tenant satisfaction and enhance the competitive strengths of the property.


Example 2: Installation of Smoke Separation Booth (Itohpia Kiyosubashidori Building)


By utilizing the leased floor-area ratio in accordance with the revised Building Standards Act, the dead space adjacent to the entrance on the first floor was converted into a lounge. A design that would allow both smokers and non-smokers separately to use the space was adopted for the purpose of seeking to effectively improve tenant satisfaction and enhance the competitive strength of the property.


■ 2-1-2. Improvement of Convenience

Sustainability Policy ⑤

Example 1: Car Sharing (Dormy Kitaakabane)


A car-sharing service was introduced as a service for tenants and nearby residents who do not own cars. The service has been introduced for the purpose of seeking to effectively improve tenant satisfaction and contribute to the local community.


Example 2: Installation of Automatic Door (FORECAST Waseda FIRST)


In the questionnaire targeting tenants, a request was made to change the door of the entrance on the first floor to an automatic door. Renovation work was undertaken for the purpose of seeking to effectively improve tenant satisfaction and enhance the competitive strength of the property.


2-2. Improving Resilience for Disaster, etc.

■ 2-2-1. Introducing Disaster Response Vending Machine

Sustainability Policy ⑤


In several properties held by NIPPON REIT automatic vending machines that are able to provide beverages free of charge at times of disaster have been installed. They are conventionally used as beverage vending machines, but at times of disaster or other emergencies any person can easily obtain free beverages from the machines. This initiative has contributed to the provision of relief supplies at times of disaster, and NIPPON REIT seeks to effectively improve tenant satisfaction, provide support for business continuity plans (BCPs) and contribute to local communities.


■ 2-2-2. Seismic Control and Seismic Isolation Measures

By installing seismic control equipment and seismic isolation dampers, damage from major earthquakes will be mitigated.

■ 2-2-3. Conducting Fire Drills

Fire drills involving tenants are conducted in all office buildings held by NIPPON REIT.

■ 2-2-4. Placing Emergency Kit with Food and Water

Emergency kit box in an elevator
Emergency kit box in a warehouse

NIPPON REIT places boxes of emergency kits in elevators in case of disasters or mechanical issues.

■ 2-2-5. Installation of AEDs

Installation of AED

NIPPON REIT is promoting the installation of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).
They are available to tenants and the neighboring community, which is displayed on the AED stickers and registered on the administrative map.
These devices will be gradually introduced at jointly owned properties with third parties.

■ 2-3. Affordable Real Estate Leasing for SME


Businesses with 29 or fewer employees comprise 91.5% of all businesses in the 23 wards of Tokyo, according to statistics on the ratio of establishments by employee size (survey by the Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). Since its primary investment assets are centrally located, medium-sized offices (64 properties; 77.1% on an acquisition price basis), NIPPON REIT aims to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy through the provision of office buildings with comfortable working environments to Small and Medium Enterprises, which are the foundation of the Japanese economy.

We use a variety of leasing services to support moving into properties held by NIPPON REIT for small and medium enterprises and venture companies who are main target tenants for NIPPON REIT

Select Office ittoku shikittoku Shikikin tsunagetoku?

Original leasing service by which tenants can select office layout from several patterns and NIPPON REIT shares costs of the office interior work


Original leasing services with NISSHO-HO Co., Ltd (“NISSHO-HO”) by which tenant can reduce drastically relocation costs


Original leasing services with NISSHO-HO by which NIPPON REIT refunds a half of deposit after the end of original lease contract period depending on the tenant’s financial condition


Original leasing services with NISSHO-HO to promote office transfer by allowing up to 9 months of deposit of deposits at the time of the conclusion of a lease contract

Tenant’s needs ・To improve work environment with efficient and comfortable layout ・To reduce relocation cost to invest our business as much as possible ・To minimize initial cost of a security deposit at the move-in ・To avoid arranging a surety jointly and severally liable for rent payment ・To make effective use of deposit ・To avoid arranging a surety jointly and severally liable for rent payment ・To avoid double deposits ・To increase flexibility of relocation and moving periods ・To make effective use of cash on hand
Service features ・Selectable Realization of tenant’s dream office by selectable materials (wall and floor) and layout ・Virtually Visible image of dream office (layout, design) and future vision by Virtual Reality (VR) ・Low Cost NIPPON REIT bears costs for furnishings (wall and floor) ・1 month deposit Reduced by 1 month (typical deposit is between 10 and 12 month) ・No warranty fee  bears warranty fee ・No restoration cost NIPPON REIT bears restoration cost ・No jointly and severally liable surety ・Refund a half of deposit Refunding a half of deposit depending on the tenant’s
financial condition as of the end of original lease contract period
・No warranty fee NIPPON REIT bears warranty fee ・No jointly and severally liable surety
・Moratorium of placing a deposit ・No warranty fee

3. Initiatives Targeting Local Stakeholders

3-1. Tenant Invitation

Sustainability Policy ⑤

NIPPON REIT attracts tenants that match the needs or locations of local communities with the aim of improving living convenience for people in local communities.

serviceOffice_icon convinience_icon foodTrack_icon nurserySchool_icon nursingRoom_icon bank_icon postOffice_icon pharmacy_icon lentalOffice_icon school_icon

Example 1: Installment of service office (Itohpia Kiyosubashidori Building)


NIPPON REIT works jointly with the operating company to establish service offices in several properties for the purpose of providing support and encouraging the occupancy of Small and Medium Enterprises and venture companies who comprise a large portion of the tenants of NIPPON REIT.


Example 2: Installment of Convenience store (NORE Meieki)


NIPPON REIT attracts convenience stores to occupy the store portions of the first floors of buildings. In addition to improving tenants’ convenience by inviting the occupancy of convenience stores, these stores can provide relief supplies and support to people who have difficulty returning home at times of disaster. This initiative has been implemented for the purpose of seeking to effectively improve tenant satisfaction and contribute to local communities.


Example 3: Installment of Food truck (Omiya Center Building)


Mobile food trucks are permitted to use some parts of the premises of this property. By providing food services on a day-by-day rotation basis in response to demand from people working in offices who are faced with a range of situations, including a limited number of restaurants in the neighborhood which makes it difficult for workers to have lunch outside their offices within their limited lunch hours, NIPPON REIT seeks to effectively improve tenant satisfaction and contribute to local communities.


3-2. Allow the rooftop at time of disaster (Tower Court Kitashinagawa)


Tower Court Kitashinagawa has an agreement with the local fire department to allow the use of its rooftop at times of disaster for ascertaining the disaster situation of the Shinagawa area.


3-3. Participation in redevelopment conference

NIPPON REIT participates in regular meetings of the Shinagawa-Ura area redevelopment conference.

3-4. Establishment of Gallery of History of Shinagawa (Tower Court Kitashinagawa)

Sustainability Policy ⑤


The geographical name Shinagawa dates back to the Heian Era (around 400 years from 794), and Shinagawa prospered as a port in Edo (Tokyo) Bay during the Kamakura Era (1185-1333). In the Edo Era (1603-1868), Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa established a tenma system (a transportation system that carried envoys, goods, etc. using horses) with shukueki (post stations) for the Tokaido (this mainly means the roads from Nihonbashi, Edo to Sanjo Ohashi in Kyoto), and Shinagawa was the first shukueki. For the purpose of preserving this time-honored history of Shinagawa, the first-floor portion of Tower Court Kitashinagawa is open to the public as a gallery of the historic site.


3-5. Cooperating with Communities in Bicycle Sharing (FORECAST Shinjuku SOUTH)

Sustainability Policy ⑤


We have agreed to provide some parts of the land at our office building with municipalities and its vendors and operate it as a port for bicycle sharing based on agreements to enhance public spaces as well as health and wellbeing. This initiative is expected to have many positive impacts, such as enhancing the attractiveness of the city with improved convenience of movement, revitalizing the community and tourism, lowering the number of abandond bicycles, reducing CO2 emissions with the shift from automobiles to bicycles, improving environmental awareness and advocating health.


4. Initiative for Employees

Sustainability Policy ④

NIPPON REIT is prohibited from having any employees under the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations and therefore commissions business operations to its asset management company, Sojitz REIT Advisors K.K.
Sojitz REIT Advisors K.K. implements a variety of measures to attract talented human resources. For details, refer to Sojitz REIT Advisors K.K.'s website.

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