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January 25, 2018

  Total Office
Jan. 2018 Leased floor space(㎡) 254,832.06 202,421.90 44,853.44 7,556.72
Total leasable floor space(㎡) 255,783.88 202,742.83 45,484.33 7,556.72
Occupancy Rate(%) 99.6 99.8 98.6 100.0
No. of properties 66 55 9 2
(Note 1) "Occupancy rate" indicates the ratio of the total leased floor space against the total leasable floor space of acquired properties as of the end of each month, rounded to the first decimal place. Furthermore, "Leased floor space" and "Total leasable floor space" as of January 2015 and before are stated including the space of warehouse, etc. and excluding them as from February 2015.
(Note 2) The figures for the end of March 2014 include the properties planned to be acquired as of the end of March 2014.

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