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To Our Unitholders

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執行役員: 石川 久夫

We would like to begin by thanking our unitholders for their continued support of NIPPON REIT (“NRT”).

NRT have engaged in “Timely investment” in consideration of mid- and long-term trends of the real estate supply-demand balance since the IPO, under the “Unswerving discipline” with support from stakeholders such as Unitholders since the listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Market on April 24, 2014.
Our strengths lie in the risk-resistant “rock-solid portfolio” with deep roots in the Japanese society, built primarily with the mid-sized office properties located in Tokyo metropolitan areas by sincerely serving the sustained needs for “office buildings (for work)”, “residential properties (for living)” and “retail facilities (for consumption)”.

NRT is firmly determined, clinging to our unswerving attitude, to maintain and enhance our asset value and improve competitiveness based on the “asset management structure taking advantage of our strengths” in our portfolio and to maximize the Unitholders’ value under the corporate philosophy “serious, steady, solid”.

We will greatly appriciate the continued support and guidance of our stakeholders.

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